Consulting Services

Energy Sector Consulting

Regulatory, financial and risk advisory services to clients across the energy value chain covering power generation, distribution and transmission; natural gas and renewables.

Power and Gas Generation, Transmission & Distribution

  • Regulators
  • Government Agencies and Utilities
  • Public sector Undertakings
  • Independent Power Producers
  • City Gas Distributors
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Equity Investors

Financial, Risk and Market Advisory

  • Project Risk and Financial Appraisals
  • Creation of Risk Appraisal Framework
  • Bid Advisory
  • Power Sale Strategy and Off-taker Risk Assessments
  • Market Assessment

Social Sector Consulting

Possess significant expertise and experience in the areas of social assessments, programme design and implementation across skill development, health and sanitation and other public assistance projects.


  • Governments at national, state and district levels
  • Sector skill councils
  • Bilateral and multilateral aid agencies
  • Corporate sector
  • International NGOs /Foundations

Services offered

  • Data validation and verification services for national-level social sector and skill development projects
  • Programme management and technical assistance for supporting execution of national-level public-assistance programmes
  • Design, monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment of projects in the social sector sponsored by multi-lateral agencies, NGOs, Government bodies and CSR funds
  • Skill gap studies and QP / NOS development
  • Labour Market Information Systems
  • Baseline – Endline studies and
  • Policy Advisory

Regulatory Advisory

  • Assist Electricity Regulators to frame Sector Regulations
  • Advisory assistance to Electricity Regulators and Utilities / Independent Power Producers in tariff determination and true-up
  • Preparation of appeals/ review petitions
  • Regulatory studies, power sale tariff assessment, impact of changes in regulatory environment
  • Compliance monitoring such as RPO, MIS, impact assessment of new regulations
  • Assistance in obtaining/ issuing/ amending Trading, Transmission and Distribution License
  • Regulatory cell retainership assistance and support

Gas Business Advisory

Assist companies working in Gas Transportation, Marketing and City Gas Distribution businesses for

Demand Assessment

  • Affordability assessments
  • Short, mid and long term projections
  • Demand aggregation
    • Done through primary surveys, meeting at state & district industry centres as well as industry meetings.

Financial Due Diligence

  • Benchmarking of capital and O&M costs
  • Cash flow estimation
  • Detailed financial modeling and viability assessment
  • Estimation of tariffs
  • Sensitivity analysis

Marketing Strategy

  • Identification of anchor customers
  • CGD demand
  • Assessment of evacuation infrastructure
  • Demand aggregation
    • Done through primary surveys and industry meetings.

Business Planning

  • Mid and long term business plan
  • Regulatory and policy assessments and readiness
  • HR requirements
  • Business models for development and O&M
  • Greenfield vs brownfield development

Automation of Credit Administration Process(C-Cube)

  • C-Cube helps automate the entire credit administration process, across the various stages
  • Significant cost reduction & from intensive documentation
  • Proposal snapshot and checklist before disbursement
  • Splitting of workflows and assigning specific workflows to specific disbursement tranches