We Offer

Risk Management

Risk Management

  • Internal Rating Software for banks with Basel II compliant models
  • Credit Risk Modelling
  • Expected Credit Loss computation
  • Operational Risk Management software
  • Industry Risk Score
  • Red Flag Reports

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Market Data

  • Daily pricing of active ISINs through Security Level Valuation
  • Indices
  • Rating Tracker
  • Performance data & research of live MF schemes
  • Portfolio tracking & analysis
  • Investor Education Collateral

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Market Data
Knowledge Services

Knowledge Services

  • Automated data management
  • GAAP & IFRS accounting support and analysis
  • Research
  • IT services

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Grading and Risk Assessment Services

  • SME Grading
  • Solar Grading
  • Energy Service Companies (ESCO) Grading
  • Counter-party Risk Grading
  • Vendor Grading / Dealer Due Diligence

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Grading and Risk Assessment Services

We Serve

Global and Domestic Client Segments

Banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies, Fund Managers

Risk Assessment-
  • Internal Rating Models, Risk-o-meter
Monitoring of External Triggers-
  • Early Warning Signals, Rating Tracker
Portfolio Evaluation-
  • Expected Credit Loss, Bond Pricing, Portfolio Analytics

Investors, Treasuries, Intermediaries, Wealth Managers

Risk Assessment-
  • Customized Ranking of Mutual Funds, Alternate Investment Fund Due Diligence
Portfolio Tracking and Evaluation-
  • Portfolio Tracker, Treasury Tracker
Monitoring of External Triggers-
  • Mutual Funds Research (MFI-360), Industry Risk Score
Outreach Collateral-
  • Product notes, Newsletters, Web-tools

Corporates, Industry Associations

Analytical Support Services-
  • IFRS & GAAP support, Data Management
Grading Services-
  • Solar & ESCO, Counterparty (e.g. Vendor), SME Grading